NECA/ ECF Webinar Feb 12th

Upcoming: Register for NECA/ECF Webinar Feb 12th- Caring for Clergy and Congregations (1 of 2)


Join us Feb 12th for this important Webinar- Caring for Clergy and Congregations. This webinar is sponsored by Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations (NECA) in partnership with The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF)


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NECA and ECF are partnering to host this webinar as an outcome of discussion last January and following NECA’s release of 11 essays this past fall which sought to explore the challenge of challenging calls and their impact on the church. In a discussion Feb 12th which will include ECF President Donald Romanik, Canon Bonnie Anderson, and The Rev. Dr. David Gortner of VTS, the panel will explore why this tough topic is important both for the vocational health of clergy and also the congregations and diocese they serve.


To explore the essays exploring the impact of challenging calls, written in partnership with The EWC,   please see: NECA/EWC Writing Project


If you are a clergy person in the midst of a challenging call or you have gone through it and would like to see the beginnings of a set of resources that might support you, please see: NECA Caring for Clergy Resource page